NCPC submission on the Draft CRZ Notification, 2018

NCPC has reviewed the Draft CRZ Notification, 2018, its contents as well as the manner in which it was developed. NCPC would like to state that it cannot accept this draft on the following grounds –
a. It significantly weakens coastal protection and threatens the livelihoods of coastal
communities. The CRZ is meant to be an environmental protection law and not a law
to facilitate construction and “development”, which this current draft clearly is.
b. The draft is based on the Shailesh Nayak Committee report which was a noninclusive, closed process where no public stakeholders were consulted. This is in
direct contrast to the lengthy consultative process that was followed prior to the
drafting of the CRZ 2011.
c. The CZMPs under the CRZ 2011 are currently being presented to the public for
review in many states. Most of these CZMPs are incomplete, the hazard line is
missing, the plans and reports accompanying the maps are missing in most places
even though these CZMPs are the single most important element for coastal
management. The timing of this new draft in light of the NGT deadlines imposed
upon the CZMP creation process under the CRZ 2011 is extremely suspicious and
would divert efforts of state agencies from this process and towards understanding
and implementing this new notification, if and when it is approved, with or without

Given this, NCPC submits the following demands –
a. Discard the draft CRZ 2018
b. Complete the CZMP process under the CRZ 2011, including mapping of hazard line
and preparation of village development plans. No new projects should be cleared till
these CZMPs are ready
c. Impose a moratorium on setting up of new ports and expansion of existing ports, until
cumulative impact studies could be carried out.
d. Strengthen coastal protection and safeguard fisher livelihoods through the creation of
a Fisher Rights Act and a Coastal Protection Act, to be created through consultations
with civil society and the local fishing communities

Letter sent to the MoEFCC is avaiable here: NCPC submission on draft CRZ 2018

NCPC Memorandum

NCPC -NFF Memorandum
Click above to view a copy of the NCPC memorandum sent to the Union Minister for Environment and Forest after the meeting by the Society for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (SICOM) and National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM)titled ‘Workshop to Ensure the Participation of Fishworkers in Implementation of CRZ Notification 2011‘ held on the 13th and 14th June 2011 in Chennai.

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